Classic Urn - White

These classic unique urn designs are created from being hand thrown on a pottery wheel. Once formed, the terracotta based ceramics are then fired in a 950 degree kiln, removed and allowed to cool, then glazed and re-fired a 2nd time to achieve the elegant antique white glaze. Elegant classical lines, footed and elevated above the table surface, give an aura of grace and elegance. These classic urns will become collectible iconic home decor for future generations. Available in Large, Medium, Small or as a set.
SMALL: 15 1/2"DIA. X 13"H ( 15.6 LBS )
MEDIUM: 13"DIA. X 16 1/2"H ( 16.4 LBS )
LARGE: 16 1/2"DIA. X 24"H ( 22.5 LBS )
Finish: White
Material: Terracotta based ceramic

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