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Tactile painting on silk: Face Planet

Tactile painting on silk: Face Planet

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Description: Serigraph on fabric/ Silkscreen colour, mixed media. Hand enhanced and signed by artist. From collection of painted dresses in collaboration with designer J.M.Pujol from Yves Saint Laurent's atelier. 

Name : "Face Plante" 

Origin : France

Artist : Larissa Noury

Size: 32" x 32"” x 1”Deep (not framed)

Availability: 1/1 

Larissa Noury, PhD in Arts (Bordeaux, 2003) and Architecture (Saint Petersburg, 1988), author of two books "Colour in the city" and "Symbolic of colours," is the most original colorist of Montmartre, France. Her artwork offers the luxury of combining freedom with inner strength. This alliance characterizes all her works, imbued with poetry where love and dreamlike fantasy prevail; reminding us of Monet's impressionism, Chagall's paintings with romantic colors or Kandinsky's compositions by improvised movements. She has done more than 30 solo shows, and group exhibitions in France, the United States, Australia, Spain, Korea, Malaysia, and other places in the world. Her work is in many private collections and in five museums. She created a collection of painted dresses with J.M.Pujol who was working at Yves Saint Laurent's atelier and presented her film "Dream of Harmony" which is about new technology in art. The combination of images and music makes you plunge into the inside of yourself in a splendid contemplation.

Larissa Noury is an atypical artist. The Slavic artist has lived and worked in Paris, Montmartre since 1998. Whether through her paintings or her photo-engravings on tissue, she seeks to create a harmony of tactile light and immaterial colors. Her style is original and inventive. Her work expresses a world born from her high sensitivity: the color layers are superimposed as strata and give free reign to the imagination. The employed artistic means are both unique and universal; they are a mix of quasi-musical movements, forms, and color harmonies.

Everything seems simple, but this poetic space is nevertheless a very unique and astonishing pictorial universe: no center of gravity, without borders, without any forms that could be clearly defined. But we shouldn't be mistaken; the impulsive forces of her compositions are just the opposite of simplicity.




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