Decorating your home - hiring a designer to help keep things manageable

The process of decorating your home has changed from the age of window shopping! With networks such as HGTV focusing on interior design and interior  decorating ideas. People are becoming more used to the idea of hiring a designer  to help with the overwhelming process, of a having a magazine picture come to life in their homes.  

“I have been looking through interior design magazines and interior design sites, I know  modern interior design is what I would like in my newly purchased home. What do I need to look for  in a interior designer? “This is a conversation i had with a friend of mine a month ago.

There are two types of interior designers  and keep in mind both might have the same qualifications. One type is strictly a designer that will come to your house pick your brain, show you some home décor magazines and  give some ideas.  If this person is hired they would shop at different interior design showrooms,charge an hourly rate and markup the cost  of pieces bought.

The second type of interior designer that you might find is one that has a showroom. In essence they are a interior design company  and at the same time are suppliers to other interior designers.  Instead of presenting you with pictures and descriptions  they present you with designs that you can see and feel in person. After all what can  a picture tell you about the firmness of a custom sofa!

In addition the interior designer with a showroom can tell you everything there is to know about the furniture you wish to purchase,  they can provide you with the best prices and will  give advice and consults in their showroom. The reason being is their main focus is not an hourly rate  and the pieces that they sell will often be at the same prices that designers  purchase on your behalf. Why pay someone to  whisper in your ear  rather than hiring someone that will stimulate all your five senses at half the cost.

As always, we are here to help you make your choice.  If you're in the area (san francisco), we offer 1 hour free interior design consultation.  If you're elsewhere, we are happy to talk your project over on the phone.  We may be able to refer you to some great local interior designers depending on your area.

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Hi Desigener,

I am looking for assistance in decorating my entire house. I live in San Mateo.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,

Jennifer DeMorin

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