Traditional Master Bedroom Makeover "Before & After"

Grats Decor tackles design of an outdated master bedroom.




What we did first, was choose a different less tense color for the walls. Bedroom is your peaceful retreat so going with more muted and soothing colors is what we recommend.


If space allows we recommend adding some proportion to room. Here we swapped one dresser & side table for two matching nightstands.

Going with taller headboard and over-sized dramatic table lamps - eliminated the need to have any art piece over the bed. 

Staying with earthy tones, addition of a soft rug added warmth to the room (and feet). 

Use small sitting chair in the corner to take your shoes off after long day (we all had those type of days). 

And finally, if you know Grats Decor, you know that we LOVE mirrors - so adding large dramatic floor mirror was an absolute must! 


~Grats Decor


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