Diamond Two - Door Cabinet

A precisely hewn diamond pattern is carved into the front and side panels of the Diamond Two-Door Cabinet. An antique grey finish on the multi-dimensional mango wood surfaces richly enhances the grain of the wood. Uniquely shaped brushed Matte Nickel steel legs repeat the diamond pattern of the cabinet. Brushed Matte Nickel trim is inlaid between the top surface and cabinetry. Touch latches on cabinet doors with one adjustable shelf.
Dimensions: 36"W X 28"H X 17"DEEP (81.1 LB)
INTERIOR: 26.5"L X 16.5"W X 18"H
SHELF: 34"L X 14.5"W
LEGS: 8.16"H
Materials: Mango Wood/ Steel
Finishes: Antique Grey/ Brushed Matte Nickel

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