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Rain Chandelier

Rain Chandelier

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A 96 inch oversized iron frame powder painted light bronze (plus 72 inch of chain supports and canopy) holds 16 Type A bulbs illuminating 260 glass textured canes. Each cane forms a hook and is 36 inch in length - with texture down the entire length. (Video of glassmaking is available) The vertical stria of the texture of each cane causes light to refract beautifully at each level of the 8 levels of bulbs from top to bottom with 2 bulbs on each level. Total weight estimated at 475 lbs. Includes an overweight ceiling attachment meant to be screwed/bolted/attached to the actual ceiling beams where it is being installed, complete instructions are included. Requirement for a licensed electrician to install this massive and heavy fixture. One singular round light bronze finished strap of brass surrounds the entire diameter of the top level of canes adding a finished detail and touch. Available in two sizes, each size sold separately. 


Rain Chandelier Small: 24"DIA. X 72"H (220 LB)

Rain Chandelier Large: 24"DIA. X 96"H (500 LB)


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